Rules & Regulations

  1. The management expects all residents to treat the premises as their own home.
  2. Each resident is expected to follow the rules and regulation in respect of discipline, personal conduct, etc. In case they fail to follow any of these, then she will render herself liable to appropriate action which may include fine or expulsion from hostel and even the hostel fees may be forfeited.
  3. Hostel residents are not permitted to leave the hostel premises on holidays without the prior permission from the hostel attender or a valid permission from parents /local guardians.
  4. Residents are not allowed to remain absent from the hostel at night, in case of any emergency, they should take written permission from the warden or the management itself.
  5. Anandam Girls' Hostel rooms and toilets must be kept neat and clean. Photographs, Posters, Pictures, etc. shall not be pasted on the walls of the rooms, bathrooms and common areas.
  6. Room furniture, electric fittings, etc. are required to be maintained by the residents in good condition.
  7. No resident shall occupy or interchange the room without prior permission of the Hostel Warden.
  8. Misuse of electricity, water and other facilities are liable for punitive action and the resident will be penalised accordingly.
  9. Electrical appliances are prohibited in hostels rooms. Residents are not allowed to use any electrical appliances, or cook in the room. Appliances, if caught, will be confiscated and 5000/- as penalty will be imposed.
  10. Residents will be responsible for safe custody of valuables brought by them. They should lock their cupboards / rooms properly whenever they go out.
  11. Friends / Visitors will not be permitted inside the hostel rooms and will be restricted to the lobby.
  12. No resident of the hostel is permitted to take any article / utensils, etc. outside the hostel / mess premises and even to her room. If caught, she will be fined.
  13. Ragging is a cognisable offence, punishable under the law and is strictly banned. Any resident involved in any kind of ragging will be liable for fine or immediate expulsion from the hostel.
  14. The room of any resident in the hostel can be inspected at any time by the warden or any Hostel Management member or district Police officials, if required.
  15. Pets will not be allowed in the hostel premises as well as the hostel rooms.
  16. Mess timings should be taken care off.
  17. Management of the Hostel reserves the right of expelling any resident on the ground of indiscipline.
  18. It is the responsibility of every resident to reach the hostel on time. No resident will be allowed to enter the hostel after 7.30 PM in Winters and 8.00 PM in Summers. The management cannot be held responsible for any mishap.
  19. Residents are not allowed to remain absent from the hostel at night i.e. from 8.00 PM till 5.30 AM. In case of any emergency, they should take written permission from the Hostel Warden .
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